FASTREX CT 02 is a powerful transporter for forest and plantation areas. It has been designed as a transportation machine to transport fresh fruit bunch from the field plantation to the collection road.

Fastrex CT 02 is designed to replace the function of manual transporter called “angkong”. Fastrex CT 02 has 5 times bigger capacity than angkong which can carry up to 650 kg of FFB so it can increase the transport productivity. Not only designed with special track from metals this transporter also reliable in uneven and steeps areas and also lower the risk of the wheel to slip. This transporter has efficient usage of fuel, up to 5-7 L/15 ha.

During 2014-2015 Fastrex have been sold and used more than 100 unit in Indonesia.

For more information, please contact us +62 852 0816 3480 (marketing fastrex)

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